How to detect fake six nations 2016 tickets

Ticket selling for big events has always been a headache for organizers. That’s why they have implemented an innovative means of selling tickets, one of which is through online reservation and booking. However, like any other third-party means there are some disadvantages. The biggest concern is the authenticity of tickets being sold online. One should consider that RBS six nations is a significant event. This means that there will also be a significant demand for tickets, a big opportunity for scammers to make a quick buck.

There have been many scammer issues in the past. This is the reason why event officials highly encourage people to only get their tickets from reputable sources. Authentic tickets are handled by a single “union” per match, with a limited number of tickets available for supporters who wishes to root for their teams. To further help patrons in buying genuine tickets, the official site of RBS six nations has posted a list of contacts and lines of authentic sellers per union. As a smart customer, one should watch out for fake six nations 2016 tickets and to do that, you need to be able to identify them.

Six Nations 2016 tickets bears the name of the union where the ticket has been purchased, it comes with a barcode, a seat number / location, the team the purchaser wishes to support, a ticket number for verification and a QR code that serves as a double verification to identify the authenticity of the ticket.